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  • Where can I find parking?
    Rozie'shas a few parking spots right outside the restaurant, however, if those spaces are full there are many parking spots on the beautiful streets of Port Dalhousie! (only a 15 sec to 2 min walk from the restaurant). We encourage you to take a walk to see the main town strip, the historic buildings, unique homes, and beautiful lake views that the town has to offer!
  • Do you take reservations?
    We do not take reservations. However, if you are a larger group (6+) or have a special occassion please give us a call and let us know. We would really appreciate the heads up!
  • Do you do catering?
    Yes, we do! Please call the restaurant to start planning your event!
  • Do you take larger groups?
    Yes, we do! However, please call ahead to let us know!
  • What dietary options do you offer?
    We have many gluten-free, vegeterian, keto, and vegan options. We have something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Is there really a Rozie?
    Yes, there is! Rozie and her family opened up the restaurant in April 2011and now her kids have taken over managing the restaurant as an entire family and team to this day!
  • Is Rozie's a family run business?
    Yes, we are! There are 8 people in Rozie's family and she is a mother of 6 kids! All of her kids work at the restaurant or have at some point. Her family simply loves the joy of food and eating a warm, homemade, and fresh meal. We are here to share that love with all of you!


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